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since 2019

Our Journey

Our journey began with a moment of reflection after facing a potentially career-ending injury while playing professional football at the age of 20. Fueled by a passion for creating stylish clothing and supported by influential individuals, I embarked on the challenging path of building a brand from scratch.

I had no idea that success would demand me to be a graphic designer, photographer, stylist, content creator, website designer, market researcher, social media manager, and buyer, all with limited resources.


Despite facing challenges and setbacks that made throwing in the towel seem like the only option, our relentless determination and countless iterations have brought us to where we stand today. Bénir Clothing has transformed into the vision I envisioned years ago, and we are beyond ecstatic to have you join us on this electrifying journey.

what are bénirs values?

One burning question we often get is whether Bénir is a religious brand. And the answer remains the same: it can be, if that resonates with you. We embody the principle of "Walk by faith," acknowledging that faith is deeply personal and can take on various forms. Whether rooted in a higher power, oneself, or the pursuit of dreams, Bénir is a brand that resonates with diverse beliefs.

Welcome to the bénir family

Join the Bénir Clothing community and embrace not only style, but also the power of positivity and kindness. 

Thank you for choosing to be a part of our mission to make a meaningful impact and spread blessings to those around us.

Bénir Family

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